1971 Chevrolet C10
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1971 C-10 Stepside. Fresh Fresh Fresh everywhere!!!

1971 C-10 “Trucking Coool”
It wasn't long ago that trucks were never owned by choice, but rather by necessity .One purchased a truck because of the work that one could accomplish with the help of an empty box behind the driver… For those of you that have short memories or are just too damned young to know…. Those trucks that the working class used , quite literally built our country. Brick by brick and block by block… They enabled the regular working stiff to aspire to be a Contractor or just haul his own supplies or get and move farm supplies.. They gave the working class independence…. The truck enabled the blue and no collared folks the opportunity to do what needed to be done without having to rely upon horses and wagons or worse yet to have to hire someone else to do the job….
Then came the age of “Truck Cool”and kids were doing things to trucks that had never been done before. Bigger motors, lowering them right down to the ground, Jacking them up five feet in the air . Making them as shiny on the bottom as they were on top….putting TV's or theatres ..right there in the truck .Then the Manufacturers began producing trucks that were so luxurious you might have thought you were driving a Cadillac or something , 6 passengers ,rear seats with heaters and power everything… Hell these new trucks even tell you where to go and how to get there…….The age of the “Work Truck” was fading fast..

Now here is what is really “Trucking Cool” !!!! Let's take a 71 C-10 dinosaur that was , in a previous lifetime one of those trucks that built the country , that was a “brick by brick” “ block by block”Work Truck and give it a whole new life…
First take it down to the frame then let's put a late model L/S motor in it and a late model 4 speed electronically controlled overdrive tranny in it… Then let's add air conditioning , leather interior, and power steering ….. light weight aluminum bed along with all new suspension…. Let's put a phenomenal paint job on it and an ass kicking set of 20 inch wheels …… And presto chango we have resurrected an awesome truck !!!! another 50 years of life has been infused into the sheet metal…… Come and get your TRUCK ON…..


Engine Type
Engine Size
LS1 V8
Fuel Specification


Body Color
Body Style
Pickup Truck
Paint Type




Interior Color
Red & Silver
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console
Engine Size
LS1 V8
Transmission Type
5 Speed Automatic
Body Style
Pickup Truck

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